Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bedlam: Drink Vodka

When in Raleigh do as the Durhamites do, drink Vodka! Bedlam that is..
There are a few things I love and topping that list would be shopping, good food, and drinks! Okay maybe good drinks, food, shopping, ah what the heck and more good drinks! What does one have to do with the other you ask? Nothing at all, but if you pair good drinks with food or shopping, I'm in heaven.
Last night I was able to attend the Raleigh launch of Bedlam Vodka and let me just say, you want the truth, but can you handle the truth?
That's why you are reading this post right? You wanted to know the real deal! Well, #BedlamVodka is the truth! Even though the product has taken on the name from a pretty rough town in Ireland, it's definitely telling a different story! The smooth taste and sweet aromatics tell a story of rich family traditions! Oh and the Monks let's not forget them.

Want to know more? It's no secret the #BedlamVodka is out now in your local ABC stores! Call ahead, drink responsibly, and most of all drink legally!

21+ ONLY

Buy it, Taste it, and Let me know what you think!
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