Friday, January 20, 2017

Power and Style

January 20, 2017

Today is just a regular Friday and we will soon all wake up from this dream right? Well, not really.  Today is the day of power and style.  We cannot pretend or just ignore the fact that our 44th President of the United States of America, the man of power, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, our stylish First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama, as well as the dynamic First Family are officially out of the White House. Yes our hearts are heavy and sad, but I seriously question if it is for the right reason. Are we sad that this man who respected everyone is leaving or are we sad because it seems as if our country is regressing and we are living in a time where a certain class of Americans lived in fear.

We have heard so many times in our life that history repeats itself, but how many of us actually thought it would be coming true? Today we see our country that we love so much on some different stuff and our reaction to what is happening cannot be to pretend it is not happening, but it has to be that of which we are educated, empowered, and very aware.  We must join hands and just like a war was wage against the American family, we must wage war against the hate.

Did you know we hold the power?  Did you know we either voted our 45th President into office or we sat back and watched it happen? Either way, we contributed to the current state of our country and our next order of business is to determine how we go about making this country of freedom, justice, and equality better for everyone.  Not just the rich, not just the poor, but for everyone.   

What will you do?  Will you take a stand? Will you organize within your local community? How will you get involved? What powerful statement will you make to help change our country?

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