Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Plus Style | Pumps & Polka Dots

I have been having a love affair with polka dots this weekend.  Polka dot dress, black pumps, and just a hint of sass were all what the doctor ordered.  Aside from adding a pop of color, prints are some of my favorite things to incorporate into my wardrobe.  They allow me to express myself in a unique, but tasteful manner no matter the occasion.
When I made a final decision that I would wear a pant suit to an important business meeting, I realized that nothing could top this polka dot masterpiece.  It speaks volumes about my personality and my style. A style that says I am professional, a trendsetter (leader), classy and devoted to my craft.  A style that resonates power and authority with a lot of humility.  Often times when we choose our clothing, we do not take the time to recognize how much they say about who we are.

I shared with a few of my classes this week about the elements of design and how different colors have different meanings.  Well, the same is true for prints.  They say a lot even when they are not so loud.

What do you think about prints?  Tell me your favorite?

Outfit Details:
Suit, Lane Bryant
Shirt, H&M
Shoes, Christian Sariano for Payless
Brooch, Local Hair Store

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