Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Piecing it all Together

Brrgh!  The winter is officially here, but in NC we are loving the warm and semi warm days!  Can you believe they are saying on Christmas day it will be upwards of 60 degrees?  I am so excited about this weather.  I am not a summer person, but this year I have loved this warm weather and with the cold that is settling in my bones from this chili weather, I am looking forward to summer 17.  I digress.

I have those moments where I make a purchase because I love something and my after thought is "I don't have a thing to wear with this".  Do you?  Yep, I knew it.  I call this piecing it all together.  I have to be honest, I was going to talk about life and how we have so much going on then the pieces seem as if they are falling apart and we are forced to put them back together, but talking about fashion is so much more fun lol!  I love this outfit.  I am not much of a casual dresser, but when I do I promise I am exhausted because of the energy I have used up.  It is not hard to admit, I am probably overdressed for 90% of the events I attend and I am okay with that.  As a matter of fact, I am thinking of wearing sequins today (I am only going out to the post office).

Let's talk about this look!  It's super casual, but I love that I was able to dress it up by adding some metallic flats and a shimmer long sleeved t-shirt.  The jeans are star studded and the vest is just the perfect addition to any look.  Each of the pieces came from some of my FAVORITE stores that I frequent on a weekly basis!  Call me old school, but I still love brick and mortar.  I like my things instantly and I love to be able to try them on, feel them and imagine what they will look like with something else.  I love the authenticity of shopping where I want and shopping the styles that I want right in my local area.  What about you?  Local or online?  Piecing it all together or shopping sets?  Tell me more about you.  What about your summer 17 plans?

Get the look below:
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