Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Top 2 Reasons You Must Head to the TCFStyle Expo in Atlanta

Ahhh this week is already passing so quickly.  Perhaps it is because my 2 month vacation is just about over or maybe it is because I spent most of my day in a "NON PAID" meeting.  Either way, I keep asking myself is it Friday yet?  Why Friday you ask?  I'm so very glad you asked!  I will be in the A for the best Style Expo on this side of the Mason Dixon Line this weekend!  That's right the TCFStyle Expo created by non other than Marie Denee of the Curvy Fashionista is being held in Atlanta this weekend August 12th and 13th.

Listen ladies, this is a must attend event of Summer 2016.  Especially if you happen to be of a curvier stature or you are that person that claims you can never find anything to wear.  Actually, I had my friend buy a ticket and she does not fit any of that, but I bet she will find some amazing things this weekend!  Did you know this Expo is Platinum sponsored by Ashley Stewart!  Yes, you read right.  We are no stranger to that name and we love it because are all about us Curvy Babes!  They understand investing in those who invest in them and they back what we believe in.  Being fashion forward and providing on trend clothing is everything that #IAmAshley is about and I am sure you would agree, the TCFStyle Expo is providing those very things for us to enjoy all in one place, for one weekend, once a year (for now)!

I am super excited about my upcoming trip and figured I would share my top 2 reasons you must head to the TCFStyle Expo in Atlanta this weekend!  If you don't have your tickets, get them now and see you in the A for a little retail therapayyy.

Reason #1

That's right!  I'm your #1 reason!  I'll be there and wherever I am, there should you be also!

Reason #2

Because of this bomb recap from last year by the HCFIC found here..

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