Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Plus Style | $2.50 African Inspired Striped Dress

The $2.50 Dress

Back in July I headed off to a conference for my job.  Anytime I am in or passing through a new city and I have the opportunity to thrift, I try to make sure I go.  Why?  Possibly because I am a very calculated dresser.  I thrift often, but I don't wear everything I actually thrift.  I knew I would be heading down to Atlanta in early August for a style expo and more than anything, I don't want to show up at an event wearing the same thing as someone else.  Has this ever happened to you?  If so, how did you handle it?  Well it has happened to me and if you scroll through my Insta feed you will see the pic of the young lady and I slaying the look together.  Why because as women especially plus size women, we need to celebrate each other at all times.

I found this particular dress in Greensboro, North Carolina at Value Village.  I stopped in briefly during lunch as I was on my way out I was drawn to the stripes.  For me there are two major things I look for when I am shopping.  That can be thrifting or retail.  The first thing I am looking for is whether or not the piece is unique enough that I won't see my circle of friends in the piece.  Second, I look for fit.  I love things that are different and that I won't see anyone else in, but I do like to be able to share with my readers some pieces that they can actually go into the store or online and purchase. 

When I picked this dress up, I don't recall the exact amount, but it was say four dollars and some change.  This particular thriftery (yes I created this word) has color sales each day.  This day the blue tag was 50% off and I knew this dress was mine.  I decided to pair this African inspired Dashiki dress with some 4 inch Ashley Stewart fringe heels which I thought were super cute!  I will provide a review on the heels later.  I also chose to add a Kate Spade purse to complete the look.  What do you think?  Good choice.. yay or nay?

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