Thursday, August 11, 2016

4Thirty-Two |Queen City's Plus Size Dance Group

Nothing says a city is on the come up like a win for all Plus Size Women right on the heels of the TCFStyle Expo and that is exactly what 4Thirty-Two has done for Charlotte, North Carolina.  All day long my notifications have been blowing up because people have been sharing and tagging and sharing and tagging this amazing video by the plus size dance group all over Facebook.

Most people know Charlotte as the rapidly growing 5th Best Place to move for African Americans! It's the 2nd largest banking hub after New York.  It is the Home of the Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte Hornets. Now it will be known as the home of the hottest Plus Size Dance Group on the East Coast.  

"We chase our passion for dance with no limitations. 
Our bodies do not define our potential. 
We are expressions of self confidence and love."

The mastermind behind 4Thirty-Two is a college educated, marketing and advertising professional, slaying baddie Charity Holloway.  I love her story and I love what she is doing in the plus community.  She has created and outlet of dance as well as a support system for my Big Beautiful Bombshell's.  I believe what inspired me most is that Charity moved by a leading of her faith to step out and take what was little and to make it much.  When I read how and why she started, I screamed YESSS!  Being a woman of faith and understanding that it takes much courage to move when everything seems so big (no pun intended), this story encouraged my heart.  So often we think that plus size people not just women should be boxed in, but for me this has just sparked even the more a continuous desire to chase my passion with no limitations, know that my body does not define my potential and to serve as a reminder that I am an expression of self confidence and love! Kudos to you Charity and those who believe in your vision.  May your territory be enlarged and your strength continuously renewed on this journey.

If you have not had the chance to see 4Thirty-Two in action, be sure to watch the video below and share this post.

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