Sunday, April 3, 2016

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Thrifting for the Full Figured Woman

If paying less than retail value is wrong, I don't want to be right!  As a full figured woman you have to know that thrifting, although we love
it is not always easy.  I often go out in search of an item and by the time I reach the sixth store, I still have not found that one piece  For some this can be frustrating, but for me it becomes a challenge to move on and style what the store has to offer.
I am always up for a challenge especially when it comes to style and size.  The unspoken rules of the fashion game simply say buy the size you wear and don't stray from the color/print pattern that goes along with your size, shape, or build.  I say rules are meant to be broken so let's bend those rules until they break!
I found this tribal print dress on the rack at the GCF store for less than five bucks!  It was in the "large" section, but I was drawn to it because of the embroidery.  I tried it on at the store to see if it would go over my arms and the top portion of my body and guess what?  It did, but it was so tight I thought it would bust.  I bought it any way.  I figured I could some how re-purpose the dress as a shirt or something.  I really didn't know what I was going to do, but I knew I could not pass up the chance to own this beautiful piece.  
A year later, as a I am getting ready for #coilsandconfidence (a natural hair meetup) held in Fayetteville, NC by MzNaturalLife, I knew I had to try it one more time and wallah!  It fit.  Score!
So, the next time you head off to go out thrifting as a full figured woman, make sure you ignore those tags and don't be afraid to try on what makes you fall in love.  You never know how it will work out!  Good luck breaking all the rules! 

Shades:  CitiTrends
Dress:  Thrifted
Shoes:  Lane Bryant
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