Sunday, March 20, 2016

Plus Style | Under Budget Series: The Knit Denim Trapeze Dress

When I am out shopping or running errands, I always get asked the question, "where do you find your clothes."  It is simple, I shop everywhere as long as I stay under budget.  Some may be inquisitive and wonder what is my budget or is my budget more than the average because I am plus size so I will say it like this, No.  I know when enough is enough and I am all about cost effective shopping hence my new "Under Budget Series".

Who is not all about saving coins?  If that is you, let me help you exit stage left since our priority to to become "girl bosses" haha!  I know people hate this term, but get over it will you.  It is simply a term that allows women the affirming power to take ownership of those things in which we have always been made to feel the male should have like entrepreneurial or CEO roles, but I digress.

When I went out browsing, I had in mind what I was looking for as we all do (I was looking for a specific accessory lol) and I stumbled upon this cute dress from Rainbow for only $14.99.  The dress is a denim knit and is a trapeze style which is uber cute and flirtatious.  It is be perfect closet piece to help you make that winter spring transition especially if you want to show those legs.  It has a scoop neck, it is a part of the shirt dress family, it has a hint of spandex and is a super budget friendly item that is a must have for the season.

PS Notes:  This dress is not for the faint of heart.  I purchased a 3X which is great for me at at size 24.  I am about 5"5 1/2 so length wise, it is a show stopper.  I love because it gives you the right about of sexy mixed with the right amount of class.  I chose to pair with a duster so you could see a few ways it could be worn.

Dress - (Rainbow), Shoes - (Cato's), Duster - (Old Target Style), Accessories (Rainbow)
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