Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy 3 Year Blogiversary

Hey girl's!  Happy 3 year Blogiversary to me.  I am so excited because Mother Nature was thinking of me or was it my Mother?  This icky weather gave me an extra blog present, so I did not have to go into work today which is super cool.  I have so much to accomplish and this extra time was the best gift I could have received.  Three year's in the making huh!  Can you believe it?  This country girl sharing her love of plus-size fashion with the world.  I cannot either.  I remember the day I began blogging.  I was sitting on my couch in North Carolina with teary eyes and a heavy heart thinking about how my life changed in a matter of minutes.  
Just a year prior on Valentine's Day I received a call saying that I needed to come home right away. It was a little before midnight when my Mother's number appeared on my phone.  When I answered, it was not her voice.  It was sister and my heart sank!  I could tell something was wrong, but she did a great job keeping everything together.  I knew that my Mom was spending Valentine's day with my sister and her family so I said I would give her a call later.  I kept procrastinating and the last communication I had with my mom was a comment on Facebook.  I never called.  I never had the chance to say goodbye or a final I love you.  Valentine's Day 2012 became the most difficult day of my life. 
Yes, it is my 3 year blogiversary and yes it is a very difficult time, but I chose to replace the hardest memory of my life with a positive outlook on fashion, beauty and so much more!  I decided because of the memories I had with my Mother, North Carolina would become my permanent home.  I would learn to celebrate and be proud of every accomplishment in my life no matter how big or how small.  I would love beyond what my natural man felt and I would remember that love does cover a multitude of sin.  I would remember to laugh, play dress up, and shop like nobody is watching..  I would create everlasting memories with my daughter and I would prepare her for life as a plus-size woman by showing her beauty comes in all shapes, forms, and grace.  My mother taught me that.  She taught me that beauty is not only skin deep, but it God's glory in our life.  So no matter your size, your income level, your talent, or your future desires, remember your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful.  Don't be afraid of that beauty.  Don't be afraid of who you are, everyone else is taken.

Thanks for celebrating my 3 year blogivesary with me!  Next year we need to plan a plus-size in the city party!

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