Saturday, January 23, 2016

Walking Tall in 2016: Vision Board Party

Vision board, vision planning, goal setting, New Year resolutions, etc.  These are terms we often hear in the very beginning of each New Year.  With so many 2016 goals and so many things on our plate, it is often difficult to find the time to execute all that needs to be done as we walk out the year, but where there is a lack vision the people perish. Personally, I have not created a resolution for the new year in quite some time.  My Aunt constantly reminds me that the only way to really accomplish things is to create a "To do List" and mark things off as they are completed.  This was yet another one of our recent conversations and it reminded me of my mother who would quote the scripture "write the vision and make it plain".  Sounds easy right?  Well, not so much.

Tia getting us started
For a person like me who needs to hire someone 24/7 to keep me organized, that is pretty hard, but when I received the invite from Tia  (@_theduchessofbrows) to come to her home for a 2016 Vision Board Party:  Walking Tall in 2016, I knew this was God's way of manifesting in my life.
Lot's of food (not pictured:  pasta salad, meatballs, pinwheels etc.)
It truly was an amazing spirit filled experience.  When I arrived I was welcomed by Tia and some family (you can never really feel like a friend with Tia, she is just like a sister from another mother).  The party started a little later than expected, but I was running behind either way so that was perfect for me, plus I was off the next day.  Everything was neatly set up and decorated by her niece.  There was a table with supplies, magazines, board decor, scissors etc.  Anything you needed, could be found and of course me (all extra) I brought my glue gun, more magazines, and a few other decorating items.

The supply table
Tia officially open the party with prayer.  She thanked God for all that he had done and all that he would do.  That was refreshing because in 2016 there are not many who still believe.  Through her prayer I could tell that she is a worshiper and because of that I could connect spirit to spirit.  She explain the vision that God had given her a few years back regarding a vision board and she then made suggestions on how we could start our board if we wanted and so we began.

After prayer, hearing the vision
I loved being able to attend this event.  It was a awesome to connect with like minded people in 2016.  I was in a new element and it showed me that God has some amazing things in store for this coming year.  As I think back over my 2015 and I see all that God has done in 2016 I stand in awe.  I know He has some windows opening for me and this vision board is where I needed to begin.
There is a lot of work and prior preparation to creating a vision board.  I will continue to critique my vision board through prayer, but I will share with you my four foundation areas:  God is the center, natural hair, Love & Relationships, financial freedom/job elevation.
Little Chana 2.0 :), Little Chana 1.0 was not feeling well and missed all the pictures.

If you have not had the opportunity to create a vision board, what are you waiting for?  If you have, drop your link below or tag me on social media so I can see your vision for 2016 and celebrate with you as you accomplish all that you have set out to do.

The hostess and Mini Host (Tia & Shaniah)
A few candid shots from the event:
Tia's God guide for us to get started

Niesha, (Tia's Sister and Shaniah's Mom)

Chana (Tia's good Sister friend)

Jewel cutting away for her board
Shaniah diligently working on her board!  When she finished it had 3D effects.
Vision frames
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