Saturday, September 5, 2015

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

With it being the last weekend that we (in our minds) think we can celebrate summer.  I thought it only appropriate to say my farewell.  This summer has been good to me.  I wasn't too hot and I actually can say for the first time in years that I enjoyed the weather.  I didn't get to do what I actually purposed in my heart all last winter and that was visit the beach, but I still have a few weeks and may venture over to the coast soon.  Summer has shown me that I do have love for jumpsuits.  I have more than 6 currently hanging in my closet and the piece shown below is by far one of my faves.  The pictures don't do the colors justice, but just know it is gorgeous and comfy.  

Jumpsuits are inexpensive additions to your closet and they are perfect for the fall transition.  You can throw this on with some pumps and a cardigan and you will not miss a beat as the weather gets cool.  As I say goodbye summer and hello fall, let the layering begin.

Details:  Jumper (Roses)| Necklace (Upcycled)| Belt (Thrifted)


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