Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Plus Size Girl in a Straight Size World

I'm a plus size girl in a straight sized world!  Can you imagine what that life is like?  (I'll wait for you to imagine)

It's wonderful!  It's exhilarating!  It's amazing and sometimes a bit scary!  I love being a fat girl, but it is not always easy living curvy in a straight sized world.  I hear a lot of curvealicious ladies with the testimony, "I used to be skinny and then I gained weight at xyz point", but that is not my story.  Since the 6th grade I have been 200+ pounds and I wore a size 11 shoe.  I was always the biggest in my class, in my circle, on my job etc..  I was boxed in because of all the negative junk people said to me over the years, but should I stay there?

Absolutely not!  I made a decision over the years that would change me forever.  That change included not limiting the size in my clothing. 
Hence my H&M Romper in size (drum roll please) XL.

Do you try sizes that may not be your normal?  Let me just put this bug in your ear (I'm a size 24).  Don't be scurd!


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