Friday, June 19, 2015

My #JCPSTYLE| 24PlusStyle

JCPenny has been a part of my family since I can remember.  As a kid growing up I remember special occasions and holidays such as Christmas and back to school, my mother and father would sacrifice the little they had to ensure my sister and I were able to have the best.  It may not have been the Polo and Hilfiger brand, but it was quality clothing that would last us the entire school year and then allow us to hand it down to someone else.  During those times, JCPenny didn't compete, but it was the competition.  Fast forward to 2015, I still believe in my heart that JCPenny although often discounted and over looked by many Penny's as my mother affectionately called it, still has the same quality and value for their clothing and household items and I would even dare to say much better looking in the last few months.  
Well over 50% of the items I wear come from JCPenny.  I am often stopped or inboxed and asked where did I get a piece or an outfit from and I never hesitate to let them know, my favorite store is JCPenny and I shop locally (There always amazed).  One day I hope to work with JCPenny's marketing department to bring a fashion show here in my city for the #CurvyNC community.  We are certainly underrepresented in my city and I really feel it is time to let curvy women in this area know that there are on ground options to fit our needs and suitable to our liking.  Until that happens, (In my Dory voice) I'll just keep shopping, I'll keep shopping as well as wearing my #JCPStyle because it looks amazing on me.  Would you like to see a collaboration with JCP?  Maybe even a local fashion show for the plus size community here in the Triangle?  Make sure you leave a comment below!
Outfit Worthington Collection (From last year)
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