Monday, June 29, 2015

Blushing Brown Beauty | A Recap of Muffins and Mimosas

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Special thanks to Tracy and Tammy for taking some of these pictures. XoXo
I am sure you all follow me on Instagram (hint hint) and since you do, you already know this past weekend I was able to attend a brunch with small group of local bloggers and entrepreneurs muffins and mimosas.  It was super fun and empowering.  As a brown beauty, I love connecting with women who I can relate to from many perspectives, but I especially love connecting with this group because it showcases some of the African American women and her accomplishments in my local community.  I am not big on separating based on race or socioeconomic status, but I recognize that locally I don't see many African American women as businesses owners in the forefront and networking is a great way to put yourself out there within every community.

Essense and I
I digress.  I attended Muffins and Mimosa's hosted by stylist and blogger (Essense).  This was a #shoedazzlesaturday BYOM brunch and it was cute.  There were no muffins or mimosas, but I was able to meet several new ladies that were both smart and forces in business and the blogging community.  I am always so amazed at the amount of talent we each possess and I can only pray for the day when EVERY woman realizes her potential and chooses to cast down fear and walk out her purpose.  There were designers, consultants, comedians, thrifting professionals, stylists, videographers, and influencers all in the mix.  We discussed how we got started in business, ways to improve, and so much more.  There were giveaways and lots of pictures.  I was honored to be a part of this event.
Nicole, Angela, and Tracy
One take away from the event is the importance of listing.  There were many conversation where the women shared stories but, if you listened closely, you could hear some heart matters.  Heart matters are the things you hear that bring you to a place of prayer during your private time.  Often we go to a given networking event to see what we can get from someone else, but what is the one thing you aim to share? For me, it is a word or a nod of encouragement if needed.
The ladies truly wore there showstopping heels!
The RSVP for this event said to wear show stopping heels.  Okay, for me show stopping = feet hurting and for brunch, that was definitely not an option. lol  So I opted for a lower heel actually my favorite shoes from Torrid.  I purchased these shoes last year I do believe and they are often referred to as the "Valentino" look a likes.  So much so, I wore them to SAKs Fifth Avenue last year and an associate mistook them for the real deals.  (lesigh)  Maybe she was new!  Because this shoe has a dressier feel, I thought it would be great to pair it with my tulle H&M skirt and a clearance shirt from Target.  The shirt and the skirt are actually two different shades, but when paired together they are a perfect match olush.  Thus the title Blushing Brown Beauty.  I knew leaving home I would feel like the world was my runway and I needed to give the onlookers and even the naysayers a visual reason behind my walk.  I think even the naysayers approved.
Local Raleigh Bloggers:  Aren't these Brown Beauties just Lovely?
Do you stick to the dress code when invited to an event?  I would love to hear your feedback.

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