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All White | PlusStyle Edition

Sometimes when life throws you lemons, you just have to wear white!  Maybe not so much, but when you get an invite to an all white engagement party, thus you must oblige.  Do you remember my friend Kiya?  The one who I took to the bridal show a few months ago?  You can read that recap here.  Well, today I am talking about another milestone in her journey to nuptials.  If you continue to follow, I will be chronicling every event I possibly can via my blog over the next year.
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This past weekend Kiya and her beau Aaron threw an amazing engagement soiree at FAIRE a newly opened restaurant here in the city.  I know Kiya well, so I knew she would be a stunning bride to be and would be razzle dazzled for their event.  I wanted to find something that would fit my personal style, be appropriate for the occasion, and would not take any attention away from the bride to be.  No one would have ever known this, but I chose this Forever 21 crochet-paneled crepe all white cover -up (now sold out) and it was the perfect choice even though I wasn't heading to the beach or pool.
The Bride and Groom to Be 
This was an exclusive event and as I walked in (just a tad bit late.. okay super late) all I saw was a sea of beautiful white covering the place.  There were well over 70 guests in attendance and everyone seemed genuinely excited to be able to share in this moment and celebrate with the happy couple.
The menu included finger foods such as colossal shrimp, spinach wraps, and some type of chicken hors d'oeuvres.  There were sodas and tea a cash bar and scrumptious cake pops and crystal lollipops for dessert. Even though I didn't partake in the food, I could hear many of the guest sharing with one another that the food was delicious.  I'll visit Faire again to try their menu items and I will keep you posted.  Have you been?
Our Squad.. One left so fast she missed the picture.. Hey Aaron in the back! 
All around there were just great vibes, lots of laughs, teary moments, and the engagement photo's took the cake, but what more could be expected from such a fun loving couple.  Kiya who has a smile that could charm the heart of Satan himself and Aaron whose smooth sound of the saxophone  could literally sweep a girl off her feet.  Hey he did that right?  Okay enough of the corny jokes.  After the all white engagement party, the couple invited a few of their guest to continue the celebration VIP style at an upscale night club and lounge.  Yet another extension to such an amazing event. I can't wait to see what the wedding will look like next year.  Are you or any of your friends getting married soon?  I would love to hear about.  Post a comment below.

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Takiya and Aaron are getting married!
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