Thursday, June 18, 2015

9 People Dead in Charleston, SC| A Moment of Silence

Last evening as I saw the news flash Across my Facebook page 9 People Dead in Charleston I thought woah it is a very tragic day when this happens in the United States, but then I realized how close to home this really hit.  This may have happened in Charleston and my home state of South Carolina, but it feels like it happened right in my own church.  It could have been anywhere.  Any bible study or time of corporate prayer could have been targeted.

A body of believers coming together to call on their Help, Jesus, the name that saves and to be brutally shot by a psychopath (my words).  It leaves me speechless and there are so many emotions and questions going through my head right now. As I am sure there are with these families.  You know the why questions.  Why would someone do this, why would God allow it to happen etc.

We are not naive as many would think.  We are very aware as natives that we live or are from a state that is filled with hate and privilege.  We are from a place where our ancestor's, grand parents and so forth were slaves.  I tease a lot with when asked how I got my last name, but it's true.  I have the last name of slave owners and the plantation to prove it still exists, but today it is covered in peaches.  We know our state has some growing to do, but it has come a mighty long way and I'm sure no one ever expected to see this day.  Not in our state.  Maybe the burning of a cross,  but not this.

As the the state of South Carolina, the Charleston community, and our Nation grieves let us be sure to remember our SC families in a moment of silence.  The local churches will come together to pray at noon, let us join them in remembering the lives that were lost last night at Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina as well as the family of the shooter.  And the greatest of these gifts is love!

My condolences,

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