Sunday, May 10, 2015


Did you know approximately every 3 minutes one person in the United Stats is diagnosed with a blood cancer?  Yes, we hear about Susan G. Komen A LOT, but breast cancer is not the only type of cancer around.  Recently one my closest friends had a love one diagnosed with cancer and if you have ever been in that position, you know how devastating the blow can be not only to the individual, but to the family as well.  No one thinks or prepares for cancer to happen to them hence why the popular and true phrase sticks with us "CANCER SUCKS".  This fashion show was to support LLS (Leukemia + Lymphoma Society).  As we gathered together to raise both money and awareness, there were so many more things involved.  The fashion was amazing and the location was spectacular.  I had the opportunity to network and meet a few people and I got to enjoy two things that I wished everyone had a passion for, helping others and fashion. 

This even was hosted by a The Art of Style, a local boutique in Raleigh, NC.  Unlike many events I had attended in the past, this was different.  I was moved by the support the care and even the numerous testimonies that were shared.  It made me realize even more that in whatever a person chooses to do in life it must have purpose beyond themselves.

As the auctions were called fundraisers were going on and people were eating drinking and being merry, I couldn't help but to think how many were loosing their lives while we raised money which pushed me to give even more then I had purposed in my heart.  Overall it was a wonderful event and experience.  I will definitely attend any future shows. 

Make sure if you are ever in town, you visit Kendra and Natalie  over at The Art of Style!  They are both dolls and love to meet new people. 

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