Thursday, May 14, 2015

I Love Ronson: JCPenny

I Love Ronson


What more can I say!  Ronson is the collection that you walk by in the store and do a double take.  The prints, the colors, the material all just works for every body type.  Over the last few months, I have been on a shopping strike and that was difficult for me seeing as though I can shop 3 to 4 times a day and always find something.  Well, when I finally returned to shopping it's no mystery that my first stop was my favorite store JCPenny. 

I walked in and as I always do, I view the shoes, Jr.'s, and the Missy section in that order before heading down to my plus department (in the basement which I hate BTW).  This particular day, I happened to have a multitude of coupons for some reason.  I passed this jumper several times and when I finally stopped to look I was disappointed because it only went up to and x-Large.  For a size 24 woman that was a bit small, but I help looking and gauging and finally I convinced myself to go into a dressing room and try it on.  I immediately fell in love and I knew I had to make that purchase.  I must say it was the best decision I have made by far.  From the moment I put this jumpsuit on until the moment I took it off, I felt amazing.  Beyond me "feeling myself" many of the people I encountered apparently were feeling my jumpsuit as well because the compliments kept on pouring in.  My intent was to wear the jumpsuit alone hence the pictures, but it began to rain and I am glad I took my pink Worthington Blazer from JCPenny as well.  It was the perfect combination to set off a classic, classy, and sexy fit. 
I highly recommend the jumpsuit even for the plus size woman.  If you are not busty, you may even be able to size down as it runs big!  Moral of this post, don't ever be afraid to try on something due to the sizing in the tag.  Know your body type and learn your materials.  Once you have this information stored in your memory, it is a serious weapon of mass destruction. 
Will you be trying a jumpsuit?  They are currently on sale under $50.00
Get the look:  here 

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