Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Top 5 things to do in Atlanta..

Hi guys!  I have not posted in a while, but now that I have a few things under wraps I should be able to blog and vlog just a little more.  Last week I was on vacation and decided to take a trip to ATL.  My good friend Toy lives there and I thought what better time to go for a visit.  The last time I went to Atlanta I had a good time, but it was to short.  This time was longer, but I still didn't have enough time to accomplish all that was possible.  More than likely because I didn't have a plan before I went.  Okay enough of the chit chat.  Let's get straight to why you are reading this.  What did I wear, who did I see, and where did I go.. right?

Watershed Restaurant
Okay here goes.  I arrived Tuesday afternoon just in time to freshen up and get dressed for a wine tasting that is host by the Watershed monthly.  If you are in Atlanta and you love wine (dry) this is a really nice event and it is under $30.  You get to taste wine and eat horderves for 2 hours and you can even purchase bottles of wine for future pick up.  Honestly, you can't find a better deal anywhere.  I do recommend eating a light snack before you get arrive at the event.  After wine, we went for dinner, but I won't even tell you the name of the restaurant.  What was funny is the wait staff who were beefing over nothing seemingly, but it made for a nice laugh of the day. 
Ashley, LaToya, Me, and Kim
I wish I could say I took this trip alone, but I took my daughter and her friend along for the enjoyment of it all.  Let me summarize all we did and then I'll post some pictures.  We went to Krog Street market.  Again a very nice place if you have not been.  I was hoping all the graffiti was there as it said online, but this area is being built up and there was no graffiti.  We visited the Martin Luther King exhibit which was very emotional especially the chapel.  I had been before, but it was when I was a kid and I didn't remember anything except the pool and fountain.  We ate some of Atlanta's best cupcakes (I bought half dozen).  We went to the "scary underground mall" where I made a mental note that I would never go again.  The kids went to the aquarium where they had a ball.  We went to Lennox Mall, Phipps Plaza where we saw Furious 7 and had some sound issues with the movie as well as just hung out.  Late mornings sleeping in and early nights turning in.  This trip just reminds me that I never want to take a vacation where I am tired when I return ever again.  So that was my tripe to ATL.  What are your top 5 things to do in Atlanta? 
Eternal Flame

Krog Street Market
Egypt and A'Niya
The wall of...

The leaves look like autumn
Jackie, Me, and Toya
My list is below:
      • Go to the Watershed Monthly Wine Tasting
      • Visit the MLK exhibit
      • Get sugared at "The Atlanta Cupcake Factory"
      • Lounge in the Lazy Boys at AMC Phipps Plaza
      • Eat lunch at Noodle they have the best crab fried rice
        • Bonus:  Get icecrea m at Jeni's at the iXKrog Street Market (they employ local artist)


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