Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Unspoken Diversity Requirement

Hmmm ... The #ImNoAngel campaign is definitely conversation worthy, but the lack of diversity we are experiencing in the plus industry is not just in body/gender.  Who are the "badasses"?  There is not enough diversity in the spokeswomen either as I must and will point out.  I dunno about this open letter.  We are to afraid to speak up and often against something we don't agree with and someone, I don't remember who said it best, "the ps community gets so excited to see anything come down the pipeline for plus size that we just accept it.". I agree with this statement, but I must say after seeing the original campaign I did feel more empowered as a plus size woman so much so, on my vacation I jumped to voice that I love my body just the way it is.  I am no longer the girl I was with the flat belly and envious curves, but trust I was.  Now I am a woman with a kid and I am proud of every curve, cellulove handle and so forth.

Maybe I was excited about the #ImNoAngel campaign because I saw drama and said take that you non plus size model or maybe because I could identify with the woman who could not wear wings and things even more.  Either way, I know I don't disagree with what LaneBryant did, but I do agree that I want to see more done in and for this industry, but it has to start from within.  As many " unofficial" spokeswomen (y'all bloggers) for the plus size industry LOVE to say, the industry is making "strides".  Why is one stride better than another or simply not enough?  I applaud the team at LaneBryant.  I applaud the effort the company has made.  Now, if you turn to the next blog post, Instagram post, FB post etc. you will see more of the same non diverse models being selected for major events and opportunities in the PS community.  I don't see any open letters about that.  Just because you have a size 10 waist and a 64 in hip span does not mean you meet the diversity requirement.  Well, the real question is this...What then is this requirement?  Clearly it's unspoken, but just so our PS retailers and companies don't miss the mark again let's discuss that.  I thought  the campaign was diverse until today.  I thought those models were diverse, but may not diverse enough. 
We say body positivity and underhandedly bash others with remarks like your fat, but your not fat in the right places.  It's sad and a bit sickening if you ask me.  My contribution to the industry is me.  Am I perfect, NO and I know I have some ways to go on self esteem and confidence, but for the most part, I know who I am and I don't need a campaign to validate that.  Some people do and I can empathize with that, but I need something more.  Something with a lasting effect and arguing with my own is not it.  Hence, I blog from the perspective of a size 24.. 2 1/12 roll having.. Tire stomach loving.. Encouraging perspective.  My own words speak strength and life to me and I hope so many more!  I accept people just the way they are.  Fat, skinny, tall, short, handicapped, bed ridden, black, white.  Just accept them, if you really want to have a conversation let's take all the limits off and eliminate the barriers.  I am not against the term plus size, but I am for every size.  Let me get back to blogging about me!  Good day people!


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