Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Conversations

As I was growing up I always had a passion for the of things of God.  I loved going to church which at the time was sort of an outlet for me.  I would always listen attentively and praise when the people praised and pray when the people prayed.  I remember the bus that would pick us up on Sunday morning and take us to church to learn and  on the way home from church the bus driver would take us to a store and we were allowed to pick out two things to take home with us.  I would often grab grapes and an apple and sometimes cookies (yes that was three.. The fat kid in me loved snacks) lol.  It was the simple things that made loving God and go in to church easy.  
Now days, the role is reversed and I am the parent with a child who I want to go to church and love God, but with so much happening in today's world you are bound to want to keep your kids locked right beside you.  Yesterday I received a letter from a church my family had attended.  My daughter opened it and in summary it was an apology from the ministry that one of their ministers actually a youth leader was found guilty of some unethical things.  I was shocked because my daughter and I had a conversation about how a lot of the parents had their kids in the sanctuary with them during morning worship.  Now thankfully, I went into prayer about this particular ministry and the answer was no, but in looking for a place where my daughter can learn and grow, I wonder.  Do you think this is a sign my daughter needs to stay put right where she is?

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