Sunday, January 25, 2015

Channeling my inner Kim Kardashian West

Happy Sunday my loves! Today I am channeling my inner Kim K. West.  Whether you agree or disagree with the specific looks, you must admit and accept that both Kim and Kanye are fashion leaders.  They dictate what masses will wear, they are always on trend, and they never cease to wow us when they step out together or separately. 

See the West's Below..

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This morning I woke up and for some reason just could not get back to my good nights rest and then it all happened on Instagram.  Balmain began to post pictures of Kim and Kanye at the 2015 #BETHONORS and IG went crazy before dawn this morning.  Since I was up any way I decided I needed to find something for church and guess what!  Mrs. Kardashian West gave me all the inspiration I needed to pull out my black on black on black on black and make a statement.
No really this is not an exaggeration.  It really was all black everything both seen and unseen.  :-)
The one thing I love about black is that it is really an easy color to wear.  It is versatile, classic, and chic.  Anyone can wear it and you really can't go wrong in black.  If you have lived longer that 21 years, you have probably heard the saying that black is slimming.  I don't know if I agree with that for myself, but I have looked at others and thought they looked slimmer in black so maybe that saying is true.
By now I am sure you are wondering about my Sunday Best Outfit of the Day! So here goes...
 I tried to keep the look simple.  Kim was not wearing jewelry as I could tell so I opted for a plain look.  I only added the necklace when I began to shoot the photo's. 
I SHOPPED MY OWN CLOSET.  Everything I am wearing is old or thrifted.  The black top was thrifted a few weeks ago (I will be doing another thrift hall soon so be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel here.).  The skirt and the necklace both came from Dillard's some time back and the shoes are an old pair of Christian Soriano's from Payless a few years back.    

This year I will be doing a lot of shopping in my own closet!  I am excited about this and even more excited that I had something that would help me channel my inner Kim.  Do you love Kim K. in BALMAIN?  Are you a MILF as she calls herself?  Do you shop your own closet?  Let me know..

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