Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ava & Viv Collection by Target

So girls!  Hopefully by now you have heard that TarJe' yes Target has announced the Ava & Viv collection for plus size bombshell's like us.  Yippie right?  Maybe not so much.

Personally I love Target, but I do feel some type of way.  I kind of feel like the child whose lives in the household, but has an absent parent.  No, maybe the big kid who got handme downs, but only at the last minute.  Okay maybe that is a bit extreme however, I feel that Target has put us off for so long that the suspense of a new collection is not so suspenseful.  I am always excited about anything Target does, but the fact that they fly major PS players to Minneapolis to talk about this collection meant we knew something was coming down the pipeline.  We saw that via not so social media.  Then they decide, "hey" let's tease them with the Lilly Pulliter announcement for the Plus Size community to then leave us to be bullied by LP fanatics who were saying things like, "It's a disgrace" .. Ugh that was hard and was super harsh for me to read the Twitterments.  Not sure if that was for us or a blow to Target.  Either way it was slightly upsetting.  I am sure no company will be able to make all of us happy, but if this new brand makes my girls happy, I am down for the cause!  However, Target better bring  the heat with this spring collection or I am going to put my coins else where this spring.  We need more than one or two amazing pieces because I do not want to look like Mrs. Betty next door.

Here's a quick note for the retail community.  The time you make a decision that will impact the PS Community, make the Big Dollar Girls a fore thought and not an after thought!  We are all big players in this community and our voice counts both in noise and coins!

Here's a sneak at the behind the scenes courtesy of Target:

Sound off ladies!  What do you think?  Excited or still feeling smited?


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