Monday, December 29, 2014


Hi my loves!  Deb happens to be one of my new favorites!  I have seen it for years, but do some reason assumed they did not carry plus sizes.  I first heard about Deb's plus section by reading my blogger boo Ashley of Fabellis's post where she was wearing a fabulous pair of plus size overalls (see it here).  This intrigued me and I had to see what Deb had to offer to the plus size community.  

Well if you have been following me for any time, you know that I am a somewhat trendy blogger.  So when I saw this "Bah Hum Bug" sweatshirt in November, I knew I had to make it my Christmas day go to piece.  I loved the fact that it summed up how I had been feeling about Christmas for years!  For some time Christmas has been somewhat blah for me, so feeling like the Grinch was already in my mind, I just needed the sweatshirt to help me express my feelings in a non verbal manner.  However, contrary to what my sweatshirt said, it was actually a perfect day and I wish I could have just one more.  Oh well!  Not really a "Bah Hum Bug"kind of day, but there is always space in my life for a cute sweatshirt!  If you have not checked out Deb Shop's be sure to do so my loves and thanks for reading!



Get the sweatshirt here..
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