Wednesday, December 31, 2014

3 Perfect Plus Size Looks for New Year's Eve

Yes to Faux Leather for New Year's Eve

Hello to all my curvy bombshell's!  I see that you have finalized your New Year's Eve plans and if you are like me (all at the last minute), but what will you wear?  Are you going clubbing for the night, perhaps church, or maybe to a friends for an evening of cocktails and mimosas.  No matter your plans, I have three bomb looks that will have you covered so enjoy!
Style note:  I did not wear foundation for these looks.  I figured most people would be drunk or in the spirit so why bother. lol

Look #1:  PARTY GIRL
If you can handle a nightclub audience successfully, you can handle anything. ~Judy Holliday

It is only when men began to worship that they began to grow. ~ Calvin Coolidge

When you invite the whole world to the party inevitably someone pees in the beer. ~Xeni Jardin 

Everybody knows that a little black and some faux leather always makes the perfect combination.  No matter what you decide to do.  Be sure to say your prayers and give thanks! Happy New Year my loves!

Fit Details:
Look 1 (Top:  Debshops, Faux Leather Skater Skirt:  F21, Shoes: Payless (better look here))
Look 2: (Similar Dress Here: Catos, Shoes:  Target Style (similar here))
Look 3:  (Faux Leather Pants:  JCPenny, Top:  Thrifted, Shoes:  Target Style (similar here)

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