Sunday, December 14, 2014

1 Dress 3 Plus Stylish Ways|Size Sexy Part 1

Say yes to the dress please!  Can I be honest with you?  This dress sat in my closet for months before I pulled it out to wear as most things do.  When I finally put it on to head to dinner, I was in it for every bit of an hour or two and that was it.  Unfortunately I am not your "traditional blogger"... so I try to wear my items on multiple occasions and honestly, I don't care who see's me.  Isn't that how we were brought up?  When did we get to the point of buying something just to wear once?  I now digress.  Okay, so back to this dress.  I decided I would show you multiple ways to get good use out of this dress.  Most of the looks are very dress, but with a metallic texture and somewhat foil finish, there is not much dressing down you would be able to do.  Okay my loves!  Here goes.. Part 1 of my Size Sexy Dress!  

Stay Tuned for Part 2..

ASOS, Dress (Similar here)- JCPENNY, Faux Shawl (sold-out), NineWest, Shoes (old)
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