Monday, April 21, 2014

My thrifted Easter Dress

Over the last few months, I made a promise to my Auntie mom (My mother's baby sister) that I would not spend money shopping unless I got rid of a few things in my closet first.  The only exception to this rule was that I could thrift.  Well, lets just admit, I have a problem!  So thrift shopping although not as expensive as shopping retail, is becoming a slight addiction as well. 

Right now we have a newer thrift store in my city that I absolutely LOVE!  I am there at least 3 or more times a week.  The girls know my name, what I do for a living etc.  The only thing they don't know is that I blog.  I know, I know, we will eventually get around to that conversation, but for now I am in love with this store.  I read so many blogs, but one of my favorites is GarnerStyle by Chasity V.  When I think of thrifting I think of a tip she gave about sizing and how we should not be afraid to shop straight sizes.  Now in retail this has not worked well for me.  I get a straight size then I wear it and wash it and then I have to turn it over to my daughter so she can enjoy it, but lately I have used this concept of shopping straight sizes at a thrift store and it has really paid off. 

I found out today that thrift stores measure for sizes.  They don't even look in a tag to see what it says.  They measure and put it on a rack based on the measurement.  So this jeweled treasure was found with a tag that said XL.  It is actually a size 22 dress that was originally priced at $4.99, but because my thriftstore is better than yours, I got for 50% off.  Yep that is correct, my Easter dress was on sale at the thrift store and it was perfect for me to lead my song Encourage Yourself by Donald Lawrence.  So what do you think?

Was my dress worth $2.50 or nah?

Shoes (clearance last year) DSW.
Shrug not included with the dress.

Looks.. I got them from my mother!

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