Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My B-Girl Style

The music is in me. The timing and rhythm are so deeply engrained that I don’t have to depend on hearing.”

- Crazy Kujo

P-Stylers!  It has been quite some time, but I am back.  So much has happened in 2014, but I think I will save all the deets for a later time.  I took these pics a few weeks ago and somehow lost my drive.  I found it just in time for the link up, I am back showcasing My B-Girl Style.
When you here the term B-Boy what do you think of?  Someone who has immaculate style that is unique and set apart right?  Well, that is exactly what I thought when I looked in the mirror.  Who else have I seen in this?  It is layered, accessorized, and unique.  I did a play on prints and textures alike and to top it all off, I stayed true to the B-Boy Style by stepping out in my sneakers.  This outfit was fun and playful.  A great wear to the mall, movies, or hanging out at themed event.    The animal print button down is from Lane Bryant, the Hounds tooth dress is from Maxway stores, and the converse were on clearance at Rack Room Shoes.  Although I will not be busting a move or breaking dancing any time soon, I can say that I felt the hip hop in my soul this day!  I really enjoyed this look and I hope you do too.  Tell me about your B-Girl Style?

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