Tuesday, January 14, 2014

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

"Keep a high praise" 

This was her choice.  Work appropriate I reckon. :-)
Well, Well, Well!  Yes it is me and I am finally doing my first post (I think) of 2014.  Today has been a really tough day for me and as I sat to reflect, I thought about all that I felt I could not  handle, I remembered that my life could be so much worse.  I will share the full story later, but in summary I was laid off from my job officially on 1/1/2014 and today has been a nightmare trying to get everything together for the new job that I was offered on 1/3/2014.  Yes, Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.  Needless to say when I reflected on my day and all my negatives, I remembered this lovely lady below and instantly began to rejoice in my go through.  
This is my favorite style for her! 
Let me introduce you to my dear friend!  This is Deana.  She is one of the sweetest (I mean at least most of the time jk) people you will ever meet.  She is loving, giving, and kind to all people.  She is non judgmental and she is loyal friend to the end.  So you ask well what is the point?  Well a few years ago Deana (under age 35) was diagnosed with cancer.  Yes the dreaded disease that our country seemingly cannot find a cure for despite having the most talented scientist and doctors in the world.  In spite of Deana's illness, she didn't allow the disease to overtake her, but she decided that she would fight for her life.  After rounds of chemo, radiation, and all the medical treatments and hospitalizations you can imagine because of this illness you would think that she should have lost her smile, but even in her go through Deana keeps a praise in her mouth.  This is not to say that she doesn't have some down times or sad days, but it's to say that the good days of her life have out weighed her bad!  When I found out Deana had cancer I was devastated, but in the true fashion of being a friend I tried to be strong.  There were many days when I said, "God why did this happen to her?  Why do bad things happen to such good people?".  I don't remember a reply, but I can only imagine that God was saying sit down fool.  I got this! 
I am all for trying every wig in the store!  It's a serious matter. lol
So as I think about my minor situation, the spirit of my friend Deana lifts me!  I rejoice in the trials of life and I remember to keep a high praise at all times as I am truly blessed with life, health, and strength!  Deana I love you and I thank you for your smile, courage, and praise over these last few years.  Watching you reminds me that God does give us Joy in spite of it all.   
She said this reminded her of her last hairstyle before loosing her hair this go round.
Can you tell this was her least favorite
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