Friday, November 29, 2013

Birthday Brunch at Bu who? bu•ku

Hey Stylers!  Guess what today is?  It is my birthday, Yay!  I get to celebrate yet another milestone and what better way to do that other than recapping my birthday brunch here with you guys.  So here goes!  I celebrated with people who have been in my life for a number of years and have made a great impact one way or another.  We met up at bu•ku a popular restaurant in my city and one that I had not heard of or eaten at before.  Let me sum up the experience with the restaurant as one of a kind!  The food was amazing, the service was immaculate, and my guest were happy.  I will definitely be going back again and again.
On to the brunch!  I decided to host my own brunch.  It was A LOT OF WORK, but overall it turned out very nicely.  One of my associates gave me some ideas that I was able to run with.  I ordered cupcakes from GiGi's bakery, we played Diva Bingo (just in case you were wondering if those were place mats), a game called Share, and we even did a Mad lib.  We laughed, listened to people share stories about me (they tried to roast me, but I was not having that), and even took a few moments to reflect.  The décor included hand held mirrors, name cards, fresh flowers, mints, and funny friendship poems etc.  We had a really good time! 
Here are my outfit DEETS!  Dress (2nd hand ASOS from @ShawanaV via IG, Shoes are from Cato's, Necklace is from Burlington coat factory, and the lip is by Wet n Wild).
Wish you were there!
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