Thursday, October 31, 2013


Top - JCPenny, Shoes - Target
Jacket - Thrifted, Belt - Rainbow (sale)
I know many of us curvy girls work 9-5 Monday thru Fridays (I wish)! Some of us pull out our best suits and some are a little more casual. For me, I work in an environment where we have a dress code, but it is not followed to the strictest. So you can come in with a suit or a sundress (appropriately covered of course), but you are free to werk and work. I have been a little relaxed on what I wear to the office for the last two years (yes years). In a different time I would have been suited, booted, fried died and laid to the side. Now days I occasionally throw it on them. Do you werk when you work? What are you wearing into the office and does it how do your peers react? With this outfit (I went in with the jacket in my hand). I got the "OOOOKAY" I see you stare. lol
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