Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Casual Curves

(Homecoming Edition)
Yes!  It is that time of the year once again!  The North Carolina homecoming.  In other words the North Carolina State Fair has come to town.  It is exciting and busy.  Personally I am not a Fair fan, but I do have a younger child who just loves the frills and thrills of this yearly event.  The fair has everything you can possibly imagine to eat from Krispy Kreme burgers, to the infamous Turkey legs, deep fried girl scout cookies and even (imagine my voice overly dramatized) reeeeeed velvet funnel cakes!  It's amazing and the food is literally to die for :-).  There are millions of people who come from all around NC and surrounding states to enjoy the good eats, rides, games, tractor hauls, concerts and so much more, but when you go please know there is also A LOT of walking.  This is not your average fair, but it is a ridiculous amount of walking from where you park to where you enjoy the festivities.  Now I must admit, I am not a health fanatic and what I simply mean is I don't have a regular daily exercise routine.  Don't beat me over the head for that statement.  You just have to accept me for where I am and then work with me until I get there.  Any who, I realize that with so much walking and people and food and rides annnd you get the point, I really needed and wanted to be comfy.  I chose to wear something that was semi chic, but not over the top for the fair.  So I went with (wait for it, wait for it) exercise pants!  I slipped on my flats because I knew I would do some running around, but when I got to the fair I quickly threw on my sneakers and off I went.  For me wearing tennis shoes is my LEAST favorite thing to do.  I don't like my feet feeling so constricted, but due to a recent ankle injury my heel wearing has been minimal.  If my therapist even knew I had gone to the fair (since he limited my continual walking to 30 mins per day) he would flip his Australian lid.  So what are you wearing to your local fair or carnival this year?

Pants:  Yoga pants from JCPenny
Shirt:  Walmart
Shoes: Arizona Flats from JCPenny
Scarf:  Infinity from Express
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