Monday, September 23, 2013

Not a Breakfast at Tiffany's

College friends: Nisha, DeDe, and Yoli
The Bride:  Ros
I guess it is that time of the year when more and more people are tying the knot!  I have attended two weddings in the last few weeks and I just found out another person I love oh so dearly is getting married!  I am so excited, but finding the right things to wear has proven to be a bit more difficult then I expected.  After chatting with my niece during the last wedding, she expressed that people shouldn't dress in the wedding colors of the party.  Although I wasn't aware of this being poor wedding ettiquete, I recall several times where I was dressed in similar colors.  Hint.. one of the last two weddings.  It wasn't intentional, but never the less it happened. 

Dress: Simply Fashion
Shoes: DSW
Jewelry: JCPenny

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