Friday, September 13, 2013



The summer is quickly drawing to a close and there are so many things I have not touched!  I still have not worn a bathing suit.  Well a two piece to be exact.  I didn't wear shorts as much as I had hoped too and I sure as heck didn't rock my crop topS (yes with a capital S).  I was looking forward to doing and trying so many things in terms of clothing this summer, but time just quickly slipped by and I guess I'll have to wait or get it all in within the next 7 days (very possible)! 
I just love the ability to be flexible and "FREE".  This word sometimes is interpreted or put to use with the literal meaning.  For me being "FREE" in fashion means there are no limits and no boundaries.  In other words, do you boo!  If we continue to limit what can, should, and/or should not be done then we may need to go back to biblical days and pull out the leaves and sheep skin to keep us covered.  Being "FREE" in fashion is just being naked in your mind and unashamed of what you choose to put on your body.  I am not 100% there as of yet, but daily I renew my mind and my wardrobe so I am not bound by the stigma that society has tried to put on me.  This outfit represents a portion of my freedom.  I have not worn shorts since I was 14 years old.  This summer I decided to break out the big guns and show the world what I am working with.  Be healthy, be you, be FREE!  Are you there yet?  Say it with me F-R-E-E-D-O-M!!!
Many of you have asked about this fun outfit so here are the deets!
Shirt:  Rainbow
Shorts: Rainbow
Earrings: JCPenny
Shoes:  Old (can't remember)


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