Monday, September 30, 2013

Fashion Exchange Recap

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend two local fashion shows.  The first show was the Fashion Exchange sponsored by FashLuxe Boutique.  FashLuxe is an online Boutique specializing in fashionable clothing, shoes, and accessories.  I heard about the event via instagram which for me was actually nice since it was a local fashion show and I probably would not have heard about it otherwise.  Since I am a big supportor of local work and small businesses, I made contact with the organizer Domonique B. who was  pleasent, prompt, and professional with her reply.

Okay on with the recap!  The event was held at Mirage, a premier nightclub downtown Raleigh, NC.  As I walked into the foyer I was a little confused by where to go, but eventually found my way (This is probably exagerated since it was just go to the counter or walk right in, but that is how it felt).  I was greeted by a gentleman and a lady (the gentleman was very nice and friendly however, the woman was typical with a seemingly rude demanor).  The gentleman took my name and information and even showed me to the reserved seating area. 

I had never been to Mirage and as I scanned the room, I was a little dissappointed with the lack of attendance, but the venue was very nice and I feel it was just the right touch for this show.  There was a cash bar, great music, and vendors selling fashion, body wraps, and jewelry all surrounding the bar area.  Even with all of these vendors, there was still lots of space for people to just lounge, hang out, or even dance if they wanted.  Once the show got started, which was about 30 mins after schedule, everything flowed nicely.  I took note of the late start, but it wasn't obvious beacause I was jamming to the great music, videos and the good vibes at the event.  The actual show was only about an hour tops and the fashions were really nice.  The designers did a great job with their finished pieces and the boutiques showcased very nicely in this show, but as usual there was a lack of plus size pieces.  There were however, three plus size pieces in the whole show, but I must admit seeing them was  a really nice addition.  Those 3 pieces were sponsored by Hipz & Curvz Boutique and I had the chance to chat with the owner Kierra for just a few minutes.  She was nice, knowledgable and you could even purchase pieces right off the runway.

I look foward to seeing what Dominique and FashLuxe does in the future.  I know things will only be greater her.  I am excited to see more.  Be sure to check out her boutique and make a big purchase to support local businesses. 

Now what would a recap be without what I wore? 

Dress:  ASOS
Shoes: Cato's (not recommended)
Jewelry:  Local Beauty Supply
Lip:  MAC (Ruby Who?  Ruby Woo)

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