Monday, July 22, 2013

“Just call me Ms. Monroe”

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
Marilyn Monroe

After much deliberation, I have decided to attempt to re-write my post from last night.  My computer froze and I lost everything.  (Sucking my teeth) As I was saying, shopping online is an oasis.  We think we see one thing and when we get up close and personal it is not what we expected.  This was the case with my fun and flirty crinoline skirt or as I call it a “tutu”.  I searched all over to find a tutu in my size that was both cute and affordable however, nothing stood out to me.  Everything was either over priced in my opinion or oversold (to many buyers all with the same look).  One day I happened to be online and I found a few Eshakti coupons that made the skirt a price I could not refuse.  When the skirt arrived I was so excited, but when I opened the package I was so disappointed.  The skirt was flimsy, and simple to lack luster and a few extra layers of tulle.  I was left with only a few choices.  Try to sell it, give it away, or suck it up and donate it because I do not like making online returns.  Instead I decided to give the skirt a go.
I knew I had a lot to do on Saturday from morning to evening and I wanted to wear something that was comfortable, stylish, and cool.  I pulled out this dreaded skirt and my Aztec tank I scooped from JCPenny last year and I headed out the door in sandals with my Target specials in tow.  On the agenda for the day, the Torrid grand opening, a birthday cook out, open mic poetry, and a new restaurant.  Yes, I know that was a lot and I am paying for it today.  Despite my disappointment, the skirt actually was the total opposite of what I expected.  It kept me cool, it was very flirty with my curves, I received a great deal of compliments from those I encountered, and I loved it!  The skirt blowing in the wind made me feel a little like Marilyn Monroe for a split second.  I almost got carried away.  It was exciting and I will definitely purchase from Eshakti again!
Did I tell you I tried to make my own tutu?  Well, just so you know I spent more on my attempt to make my own than I did on this beauty!  Yes!  It shocked me too (less than $30 bucks)! 
 How do you feel about tutu’s and crinoline skirts?
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