Saturday, July 13, 2013

A goldmine in the heart of Raleigh

As a lover of shopping, I don’t find it difficult to shop many places.  I can find a great piece anywhere I go, but I must admit finding a good deal is always my goal.  Sometimes I will pay full price no matter the cost and sometimes I will only shop if I am getting an item at a great deal.  Either way I believe every person’s goal is to find the best items at the greatest prices!  This is exactly what I believe Cofre’Consignment Shop in the heart of Raleigh offers. 
I have been sitting on this gold mine for several months now.  A fellow blogger Ashley of FabEllis reviewed this business and I jumped at the opportunity to go in and see what the buzz was about.  However, I wanted the full shopping and consigning experience thus my long delay in sharing this great find.  My first impression when entering a store is not always a lasting impression as most would say, but in this case, I could never forget my first time.  As I walked into the store I was greeted by one of the owners Felica a warm and friendly hello.  The store was cozy and clean with a fresh smell and lots of wonderful décor with beautiful colors.  So much so that people were trying to buy some of the art pieces right off the wall.  I spent perhaps an hour or so at the store browsing, observing, and really just taking in the pleasant atmosphere.  It was as if I had gone to someone’s home and been invited to stay for baked goods.  I know this seems exaggerated, but I assure you it is not.  While there, many people went in and out buying lots of things.  One man was able to buy 2 suits (3 piece) two or 3 ties and some Argyle sweaters for all less than $65 bucks.  I learned so much about the owners both Felicia and Carlton, their purpose for choosing this community, and even their family.  It was just a friendly, clean, and inviting environment.  I shopped and consigned some items I no longer need while I was there!  The items were in immaculate condition, they didn’t smell weird, and the store was so neatly organized that I was in utter shock.  They even had a plus size section for us curvy girls so you know this put a big smile on my face! 
Art painted by Felicia's Dad

I am so pleased to share this with you and could go on about this business, but I just want you to know that my overall experience from buying to consigning has just been excellent.  If you are in the RTP area or find yourself just passing through be sure to stop by Confre’ consignment in downtown Raleigh, NC where you will find the best prices, the cleanest consignments, and the warmest customer service you could ever experience.     
Confre' is located at 224 E. Martin Street 27601.
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