Monday, May 20, 2013

NO LONGER A VIRGIN (My first Blogger meetup) ...

Yes, I thought the title might grab your attention. (smile)
Last week I went to my first Blogger meetup!  Well, really it was a mini meet.  I was so excited and both nervous about meeting other bloggers.  I did not know what to expect nor what was to be expected, but surprisingly I met three beautiful women.  Ashley of FabEllis, Val of Style to Envy, and Crystal of Just Be Fresh.   We met at Sushi Blues where we enjoyed a variety of sushi rolls and tofu.  It was scrumptous!  Can you tell I had an appetite?  I skipped breakfast and lunch that day!  The meetup was very informal, but we had a blast.
 As the ladies and I enjoyed dinner we shared relationship stories, blogging adventures, and even discussed money management.  It was fun and before I knew it, it was almost past my bedtime.  After a long day of work it was great to unwind with the ladies. 
As I drove home and debriefed, so many thoughts ran through my mind and I decided to share with you just a few of MY dos and don’ts for your first meet up.  Maybe this will help someone ease into their first meet.

1.  Do be social - You never know who you are really meeting and who they may know.  Your next big break/job could come from the least of your expectations.
1. Don’t worry - It’s normal to be nervous, but no one is expecting you to be perfect or know it all.  Remember it’s your first time and that is okay.
2. Do prepare - Write your questions down if you need or want too.  Don’t be afraid to look like you are on an interview so to speak.  It’s okay to know what you want to discuss.
2. Don’t pre-judge - Sometimes what we see via text allows us to form an opinion of someone before we actually meet face to face.  Save yourself by not falling into this trap and meet people with an open mind.
3. Do know yourself - If you are a blogger, you should know what you blog about, why you blog, when you got started, and the current purpose/goal for your blog.  This can change, but for the most part it is going to be a constant.
3. Don’t overstay - It’s okay to chat, but know when you are taking up too much time.
4. Do be on time - Timeliness is important.  Let your group know if you believe you may be running late so they don’t think you stood them up. 
4. Don’t be rude - Step away to take phone calls.
5. Do learn - Soak up all the knowledge each person shares and use it.
5. Don’t complain – This is not time for you to dump your negative emotions.  This event should be positive and uplifting.
6. Do have fun - Remember the reason for your meeting.  Enjoy every moment and the memories you make. 
6. Don’t shy away – Conversations are built upon questions, responses, and in between dialog.  Make it fun!  Talk about things that may be of common interest, but don’t be uptight.  It’s okay to let your hair down!

My last DON'T is this… Don’t try to change your earrings in the car and totally forget what you are doing.  I sat through the entire dinner with mismatched earrings.  I felt slightly embarrassed when I got home and realized it, but what a good laugh I had. 

At the end of the night I was still smiling, so, overall I think my first meet up was a success.  I look forward to the next event and many more to come! 

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