Monday, April 8, 2013


What woman doesn't need or want a sophisticated and sexy little black dress.  Especially a dress that will fit and cater to a Plus Sized Bombshell!  Shauna Miller of the blog Penny Chic absolutely nailed it with these dresses and the fact that she thought about "US" is absolutely phenomenal.  I have seen many bloggers supporting Shauna with some "LBD Love" and I must say they are WERKING her dresses.  We all love a great deal and how can anyone refuse a $20 LBD that you can dress up, dress down, wear to work, church, the supermarket (if you are that kind of girl) or just to have lunch with your honey!
A woman can never have too many LBD's, but what about the LBD's you already own?  Personally, I love Shauna's concept on savings so I recommend you put the little black dresses you currently own to good use first.  For those girls who may be like me, budgeting so I can spend a lot at FFF Week , I put together an entire head to toe LBD look for less than $20 dollars.  How's that for saving a penny?
Belt:  JCPenny (included with the dress)
Earrings:  It's Fashion Metro ($1.00)
Shoes:  Target ($7.00)


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