Monday, April 29, 2013

A short weekend in the "A"

 My Toy and I

So I decided to take a last minute trip to Atlanta.  Everyone does that right?  The holiday was upon us and it was spring break for my Dandelion.  So we decided to spend Resurrection weekend with my Toy!  It wasn't a planned trip, but it was packed and we had some fun and relaxation.  Here is our lineup:  We ate, we shopped, we ran into friends, we watched a movie, celebrity watched, lipstick shopped, and just relaxed! We didn't make it to church for Resurrection Sunday, but we had the best breakfast at home.  Then we got on the road to surprise my family in SC.  For a non planned visit, that wasn't so bad.  So question for you.  Is it me or does everyone think they could have planned to do more things on a last minute trip?  I guess the most important thing was that my Dande had a great time.  
Above:  Simba & Gracie
Below:  My Dandelion

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