Monday, March 4, 2013

“Not quite Snatched"

As I get older I see that I am truly becoming my mother. I always wondered why mommy and her five sisters had peeling skin especially around their noses (this only happened as they got older). I remember saying to myself why don’t they just moisturize until it hit home and I remembered seeing them moisten their faces often with creams and lotions. Now when I look in the mirror, I think OMG this is starting to happen to me.

I have many facial issues that frustrate me, but my biggest is my own lack of consistency hence my needing a simple routine. I didn’t know how transparent I wanted to be on this issue with you guys, but hey if you’re reading my blog I consider us social friends and as I type this I hear “That’s what friends are for” playing in my head. LOL Needless to say my skin is totally confused! It doesn’t seem to know if it is dry or oily, my face doesn’t know if it is a leg or arm and randomly grows hair, sometimes it thinks it’s a snake and wants to shred, and even worse it tries to be a lizard and camouflage itself under adult acne! Yeah it’s pretty bad so if your face is not confused don’t panic. It could be worse.  Sometimes, I think these facial issues are a curse, but still thankful for my beauty. LOL

Okay enough about that and on to what I really wanted to say. Of course with all these facial/skin issues, my current go-to is makeup.  Probably not the best idea, but it works for me right now. I have been doing my own make up for years. I have been to professionals, but since I am a basic person, I decided to just try to do my own thing. Between common sense and watching Vloggers (people who post video tutorials online) I figure I can get any look I want minus eyeshadows because I am allergic to many of them.  Since I am still a beginner (yes I am even after years of attempts) I found a DIY for my eyebrows. Today’s look especially my "SNOOTCHED not SNATCHED" brows was inspired by ebby K.  For this look check out Ebby K.'s "Brow Snatching 101" on YouTube and make sure to stop by her blog here.
I admit that I do not have a good regime for skin care so be sure to comment below if you have a simple and/or inexpensive routine that can help and remember if you can't SNATCH those brows, be sure to "SNOOTCH" them. 
What did I use?
MAC concealer, Dream Matte mouse foundation,
Black Radiance pressed powder and Ben Nye Liquid Set
Elf Brow Mascara (clear),  Wet N' Wild Brow Kit,
Blending pencil (unknown), and PRO concealer 
L.A. Colors Red Cherry from the Dollar Tree :-)
Told you guys I was a beginner!  That is a smorgasbord of items. 

24P.S. I love you for reading!!!

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