Monday, March 11, 2013

"Inspired fit on a 24Plus Chick"

Hi lovies!   I got this high waist leopard skirt from Lane Bryant sometime ago.  I first saw the skirt online and it took me calling around to 6 distant stores, stalking my local LB daily and resisting the desire to give into my semi online shopping addiction.  Eventually I gave up and just waited for it to show up at my local store.  When I tried it on, it was truly love at first sight!  I thought to myself, wow LB has done it again, so much so that I paid FULL PRICE!  At my house FULL PRICE is as good as a curse word, but I just knew this was a great find and I would work miracles with this skirt.  After months of hanging in my closet, I realized that I was not working any miracles and I certainly didn't do a good job raising the skirt from the dead!  I didn't want to do the traditional with this skirt because knew it wouldn't be as fun.  You know red shirt leopard skirt, pink shirt leopard skirt etc. *sigh*  So, when I saw a picture of Soraya from Style is my Thing wearing this leopard skirt and a jean shirt, I was inspired to recreate this look.  The recreation was pieced together about a month and a half ago, but it actually took me a while to bring it to life because my yellow patent belt grew legs and ran off.  I guess it got tired of being used because it has not been seen since its last appearance.

Photo Credits: E. Ly'on, via Style is my Thing, via Flare Magazine

"If there is no copying, how are you going to have fashion?"  ~Coco Chanel

I love all looks and I will say, I do not mind recreating and giving credit to the inspiration whether they are the original or not.  As an artist, when your work inspires others you should be flattered and inspired to create more.  Many have done jean and leopard, but Soraya and Dominican model Arlenis Sosa were the inspiration for this recreation.  More recreations are coming so stay tuned ...
Shirt:  JCPenny
Accessories:  Cato, Avenue, Rainbow

Shoes: Target Style
Purse: MNG

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