Monday, February 25, 2013

"Runway Stripes"


Horizontal, vertical, fat, or skinny stripes are a hot trend for this spring and quite frankly I love them! 
Actually I brought in the new year wearing stripes and they were a hit. Stripes are definitely a go to for any occasion and fun to use for dress up. You can get everything in stripes from skirts, to shoes, bags, scarves, pants, shirts, dresses etc. You get it right? So does a trend really go out of style of is it just dormant for a while?  

Either way I look great in stripes. For those who say they make you look bigger .. here is my response! I am already bigger so I make stripes look fabulous! Who says they are only for convicts and pricks? 


Outfit details:
Cardigan:  Cato's
Skirt:  It's Fashion Metro
Shoes:  Target
Accessories: JCPenny
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