Thursday, February 21, 2013

" Bow Motif"

Hi guys happy Thursday.  I realized that I have been moving pretty slowly these days and I need to speed things up on this blog.  So I thought I would share my work flow with you. 
I absolutely LOVE BOWS and I really don't think you can go wrong with them at any age.  However, just don't over do it.  My bow tied scarf was on sale this past weekend.  I actually bought two because I thought  they were so cute and it was a great deal.  I guess anything with for sale tag is a great deal to me!
As time goes on you will find that I own a lot of accessories by the designer Kate Landry.  I adore all of her lines and she is my go to especially for a gorgeous scarf like this!  It can dress up any plain suit or even a boring tee.

SN: My regular photographer is only in the 6th grade so I had to contract out for these shots. Shout out to the contractor "STAR" who definitely shines bright like a diamond.


 Yes I was just running my mouth and moving. :-)

Outfit details:
Suit:  JCPenny "throwback"
Shoes:  Target "throwback"
Bow Scarf:  Dillard's
Earrings: JCPenny

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