Monday, August 22, 2016


Do you ever plan for a trip and think to yourself, I need the perfect thing to wear while on this trip?  I do quite often.  That could be planning a trip out of town to planning a trip to the grocery store.  I knew months ago that I would be heading to Atlanta, Ga for an event this month.  I thought I had everything together and I re-evaluated the event I was going to be attending.  At that moment I knew I needed to add something additional to my closet that I may, but hopefully would not see on any one else.

The Floral Print Crepe Satin Maxi Dress you see if the pictures is courtesy of EShakti.  If you are unfamiliar with Eshakti, they are among the top 100 internet Retailers in the world.  Their sizes range from 0-36W, but they can also customize to your specific size, change your neckline, or even change the hem or sleeve length of your garment.  I have been shopping with EShakti for over 3 years and I will say that I have rarely been disappointed with the garments I have purchased.

When the dress arrived it was boxed in a professional way.  I opened the box in the car and was astonished by the beauty of the print.  I love dress and especially maxi dresses because of the level of comfort and mobility that they provide.  I rushed home to try on the dress which I ordered in a size 3X-24W.

I put the dress on and the bust as well as the arms were snug.  The length, the color, and the print were perfect however, I had to get assistance out of the dress.  Because I loved it so much, I thought it was worth the sacrifice of being a bit snug in the arms.  The results are below.  If you decide to order this dress I would consider ordering up a size or removing the sleeves, but overall it's a nice addition to my wardrobe.  What do you think?

I have provided the specs for the dress I ordered below.  If you plan to order, please feel free to use this coupon code for a discount on your order...

Order #12797
Product Name : Floral print crepe satin maxi dress
Special Instruction :
Height : 5.6

Standard Size:3X-24W
Custom Styling :
Neckline : As Shown
SleeveType : As Shown
TunicLength : Full length with 3 inches heels on

This particular maxi dress was sent to me from EShakti at no cost for review purposes only.  
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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Plus Style | $2.50 African Inspired Striped Dress

The $2.50 Dress

Back in July I headed off to a conference for my job.  Anytime I am in or passing through a new city and I have the opportunity to thrift, I try to make sure I go.  Why?  Possibly because I am a very calculated dresser.  I thrift often, but I don't wear everything I actually thrift.  I knew I would be heading down to Atlanta in early August for a style expo and more than anything, I don't want to show up at an event wearing the same thing as someone else.  Has this ever happened to you?  If so, how did you handle it?  Well it has happened to me and if you scroll through my Insta feed you will see the pic of the young lady and I slaying the look together.  Why because as women especially plus size women, we need to celebrate each other at all times.

I found this particular dress in Greensboro, North Carolina at Value Village.  I stopped in briefly during lunch as I was on my way out I was drawn to the stripes.  For me there are two major things I look for when I am shopping.  That can be thrifting or retail.  The first thing I am looking for is whether or not the piece is unique enough that I won't see my circle of friends in the piece.  Second, I look for fit.  I love things that are different and that I won't see anyone else in, but I do like to be able to share with my readers some pieces that they can actually go into the store or online and purchase. 

When I picked this dress up, I don't recall the exact amount, but it was say four dollars and some change.  This particular thriftery (yes I created this word) has color sales each day.  This day the blue tag was 50% off and I knew this dress was mine.  I decided to pair this African inspired Dashiki dress with some 4 inch Ashley Stewart fringe heels which I thought were super cute!  I will provide a review on the heels later.  I also chose to add a Kate Spade purse to complete the look.  What do you think?  Good choice.. yay or nay?

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Best and the Worst about the 2nd Annual #TCFStyleExpo in Atlanta

Hey Boo Hey! Thanks for stopping by as I recap the best and worst about the 2nd Annual #tcfstyleexpo presented by Marie Denee (The Curvy Fashionista) and sponsored by Ashley Stewart in Atlanta this past weekend.

Before I talk about the event, if you came and I stared at you a little too long or I didn't smile as you caught me staring at you (hehe).  I was in big girl awe all weekend!  There was just so much beauty and curves as well as ownership and style in one place that it left me in a daze.  The nightly switch up was real.  Babes came to snatch edges and clean bank accounts for every single session and mixer at the event.  Please please charge it to my head and not my heart.  If you didn't come, girl bye!  You don't know what you missed.

What can I say about it?  This style expo is LIFE CHANGING.  There was so much valuable information in one place at one time and it left you wanting more no matter what your affiliation with the plus industry!  The best part of the event was being able to meet both Marie Denee and The Mogul Diva herself  Gwen DeVoe in person.  Meeting these two women was enough, but the event was like  Nat and Natalie Cole sang, Unforgettable.

The Panels

From knowing the business of plus size fashion to having deep conversations on our bodies and the need not just for self acceptance, but acceptance period were really thought provoking.  Each of the 5 panels throughout the weekend brought a different perspective and showed the value of studying the plus industry inside, out, front and back.  If this is an industry you really want to take an active role in or become a voice for, you must do your research.  I almost wish the panel conversations were on sale electronically so you could see what you missed, but I am sure you can get snippets by checking the official hashtag #asxtcfstyleexpo over all social media.  My personal favorite was the conversation about body acceptance and I can't wait to hear more.
This Body Panel sponsored by Lane Bryant.

The Expo
Let me say that I have been a true plus size since I was a kid.  Going to stores while grown up was a joke because you could only find things that were not flatting or things that barely fit.  We would sporadically go to a store here or there maybe twice a year and try to piece together some things for me to wear.  That was no fun especially as a kid, but my mom made it work.  Oh and let's not talk about prom or any other events where you needed formal wear.  I am disgusted just thinking about it however, luckily for us, those days are over! Marie has us covered with the #tcfstyleexpo!  All the plus size clothing, underwear, shoes, jewelry and accessories, hair, makeup, massages, pictures, food, fashion shows etc. that you can think of under one roof.  Everything was there.  All the brands that matter to us.  Even fine shirtless men holding cupcakes and sweet treats!  All the things we love, want and need in one place, at one time, to serve one purpose!  It was everything.
Inside of the Expo

The Experience

When I travel to any conference and I come back someone always asks the question how was it?  So, let us pretend that it is you and I and we are having this conversation.  This event was everything that I could have imagined.  You should definitely go next year so you too can experience the magic!  If you fan out or you are looking to meet big names in the plus industry including Mogul's, Stylist, Artists, Designers, Manufacturer's, or Blogger's this is the premier event for you to attend down south! There was so much information to learn!  So many experiences and so much wisdom to be harnessed from what I heard!

Oh and before I forget..

The worst thing about this Expo was that I didn't bring all of my girlfriends to experience every ounce of this dopeness!  Big Mistake and Epic fail on my part!

Photobombed by Marie in the flesh!

Until next time, check out a few pictures below from the weekend, subscribe to my mailing list and follow my YouTube channel for more about the #asxtcfstyleexpo and my upcoming ventures.  Let's chat again soon!

Heading to dinner at Nigrel's after Curves and Karaoke.
V came all the way from Cali to show us how Cali girl's Karaoke!  She was Crown Queen of Karaoke.
Jess the Militant Baker really made us tear up with her soulful lyrics.
Lane Bryant reps were really informative and helpful with fittings.
She didn't come to play with us!  E of ShapElyLouis came to slay!
Another amazing panel
Super cute Necklace from Dia&Co
Amber from Style Plus Curves is so adorable.  We both were stripe twins!
Excellent Location:  The Georgia Rail Road Depot.
Marie got the ball rolling
Ki from by KiKi Sol
This panel was cool.  Kim  (far right) is another NC Blogger.
Lane Bryant give out Body Positive T-Shirt's.
Keep the panels coming
Sol of By KiKiSol

What I wore to the Expo
I tested Bandelettes for the first time.  I have reviewed them briefly on my SM, but stay tuned for a full review soon.
Road trippen the whole weekend
The Blogger brunch had so many options for the non meet eater!
Chenese Lewis is so funny!  I am glad I started listening to her podcast.
What I wore Day 1.. My dress was thrifted!
The Mogul Diva herself Gwen Devoe.  It was such and honor to have met and sat with her.
Fire Ball shot's for lunch courtesy of  Lewis
I could not come to the A without having the ATL Brunch experience!